"The Night of Museums, or Art instead of Sleep"

Event duration:
from 19 to 20 May 2006

On 19 May 2006 within the European "Long Night of Museums", residents of Kaliningrad and guests of the city are welcomed to the unusual tour through Kaliningrad’s museums.

On the night of May 19th to 20th with a ticket, all visitors will be able to make an extraordinary two-hour tour on the unique route: the Amber Museum (the Dohna Tower of ) – State Center of Contemporary Art (the Kronprinz Tower) – Museum of the World Ocean (the Royal Gate) – museum "The Friedland Gate". All these museums are located in fortresses, historical and architectural monuments of Königsberg-Kaliningrad built in the 19th century.

Specially for this event, each of these museums prepared its own night programme, which includes guided-tours, vernissages, concerts of ancient and modern music; video-installations; performances; shows; knights' tournaments; fire show and so on.

Visitors will travel by buses round the museums’ circle in an organized way. During this movement, a guided tour on the fortification structures of the city will be conducted.

From 22.00 to 02.00 in the Park of the 40th anniversary of L.Y.C.L.S.U, there will be a concert of Kaliningrad rock groups. At midnight, guests will enjoy spectacular show – firework.

The programme of the Night of Museums

Historical and cultural center "The Grand Embassy" (the Royal Gate)

"Sounds and visions" – music improvisations (jazz-band "Middle Band", Kaliningrad, Russia) and video-installations of Kaliningrad artists.

Kaliningrad Amber Museum

"Jurate and Kastitis" – body art performance (artist Andrey Shtan', Kaliningrad, Russia).

Museum "The Friedland Gate"

Fire-show (theater of fire "Salamandra", Bartoszyce, Poland);

Knights' tournaments (knights club "Western Tower", Kaliningrad, Russia).

State Center of Contemporary Art (the Kronprinz Tower)

"Freedom" – installation and performance of ZPT group (Moscow, Russia);

"Reflections" – a video-presentation of the project by Andrey Syajlev (Samara, Russia);

"Kronprinz" – a film by Marcel Dinahet (Rennes, France);

Project by Hannes Gieseler (Dessau, Germany);

"Pocket Orchestra" – electromusic performance (Kaliningrad, Russia).

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