Virtual contest exhibition "The City I Live in"

Event duration:
from 1 June 2020 to 1 July 2020

Every year we are offering children from the Kaliningrad region to tell about their favourite places in the hometown using pencils and colours, and then we show their works in our museum. This year, the contest exhibition "The City I Live in" is held online. You can see the works until 1 July.

Traditionally, we have two categories: "Best Drawing" and "Best Painting". And tree age groups: junior (6–9 years), middle (10–13 years), and senior (14–17 years). Winners in every category will be announced on 15 June.

This year, we are also proposing to guests of our web-site to vote for the work you liked. Author of the work that will receive the biggest number of voices will get a special diploma.

Participants of the exhibition:

Junior Age Group (6–9 years)

1. Divold Denis. "The Winter City of Kaliningrad".

2. Divold Denis. "Murarium".

3. Tikhonov Andrei. "My Green City".

4. Romanovskaia Diana. "The Winter Fairy-tale of Kaliningrad".

5. Mikhalchenko Marina. "The Kaliningrad Moonlit Night".

6. Shalomentseva Varvara. "The Soul of My City".


Middle Age Group (10–13 years)

1. Guseva Anastasia. "My City".

2. Ivanov Grigorii. "My Yard".

3. Sitnikov Yaroslav. "The Night City".

4. Gartsueva Alina. "My Hometown".

5. Kliueva Anna. "A Walk".

6. Nadtochieva Sonia. "An Evening".

7. Chuikova Marina. "A Morning Tram".

8. Shevtsova Viktoria. "Celebration in the City".


Senior Age Group (14–16 years)

1. Avdeenkova Nadia. Historical triptych "City and People".

2. Leonova Sofia. "The Amber Museum".

3. Kovaliova Dasha. "Morning in the City".

4. Repko Nadezhda. "In the Last Minute".

5. Repko Nadezhda. "My Favourite City".

6. Ulianova Anna. "The Night is Falling".

7. Iakovleva Anastasia. "A Peaceful Corner".

8. Khromushina Sofia "The Waterfront".

9. Pristavko Arina. "Favourite City".


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