Exhibition "East Prussian Gold"

Event duration:
from 9 September 2021 to 7 November 2021

The exhibition will include three themed sections: extraction of amber in East Prussia, amber sorting and final items – products of the Königsberg State Amber Manufactory from the museum's collection and private ones.

The project title is related to the first show of amber manufactory products in Berlin in 1931: after five years of work of the enterprise to the many-years tour around European capitals, in 1933 they were even presented at the World exhibition in Chicago.

Among highlights of the "East Prussian Gold", there is the latest purchase made by the Amber Museum, sculpture "Königsberg Holy Mother" the 1940s from a whole piece of white amber by an artist from Königsberg Alfred Schlegge. It was made based on the motives of the coloured wooden sculpture higher than human scale "Holy Mother on the Crescent" (by an unknown master), that was located in the Judittenkirche, the oldest church of Samland (founded in 1288). Schlegge created the "Königsberg Holy Mother" to the memory of his home town after the end of the World War II.

The exhibition is accompanied by historical photographs of a dispositive collection, rare print publications from the Amber Museum's collection and German archives.

Our guests will also be able to see an exhibition by the photo artist Igor Sosedko "ART-Manufactory. Modern Life of Museum Objects". There are fantasy images of items from the Königsberg State Amber Manufactory on the pictures created in the authorial photo art technique.

Preshow of the exhibition takes place on 9 September in 17.00. 

Exhibition entry ticket price:
Adults – 100 rubles;
Students, cadets – 70 rubles;
School students – 50 rubles;
Retirees – 50 rubles.

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