Workshop of an Amber Artist

In the Amber Museum, you can become a member of an amber artists and jeweller workshop "Prussian Honey" located on the basement floor.

"Workshop of an Amber Artist" is a specially equipped interactive part of the display, which acquaints guests with the crafts typical for our region and lets trace the development of art of working the mysterious and beautiful ornamental stone – Baltic amber.

Hostess of this welcoming place, wearing a styled ethnic dress, will show you jewellery, items made of clay, glass, leather, linen, and other natural materials created by Kaliningrad artists and masters from the Creative Association "Prussian Honey". These are designer works made based on traditions of peoples of North-West Russia and the Baltic coast (the early Slavs, Prussians, Swedes, and Scandinavians).

You can sit at the foot-controlled old-time tool, that was used to process amber even before the electricity was invented. On the one side it has abrasive paper, which helps to shape amber, remove the crust, have a look inside the stone. On the other side of the tool, there is a rag disc made of coarse calico, that is used in combination with a special paste to polish amber.

Would you like to try yourself as a jeweller and make an adornment as it was made in the old times, using the oldest techniques – threading and nodule plating? There will be amber pieces, various beads, cords, and small brass figures ready at hand.

Don't forget to pay attention to the hand-made works with collector's amber. There you can find the whole colour palette of the Baltic "sun stone" that exists in the nature! In every item its uniqueness has been kept: natural shape, crust, patina. Then they are decorated with metal using elements of ancient cultures' style.

You can visit the workshop in the Amber Museum by the ticket to the permanent exposition.