14 February 2019
Press Office of the Amber Museum

The first lecture "Floral Mootives and Images in Architecture" takes place on 14 February at 15.00. Among ancient and modern buildings of the world there are such ones that symbolically or realistically depict plants. Floral forms are used in the Lotus temple in India, the Chinese Lotus Building, the Museum of Art and Since, Gardens by the Bay in Singapore, the Sheikh Zayed Grand Masque in Abu-Dhabi, and many others.

Floreale motives can be part of the ornament decorating the building inside or outside. Such decorative patterns as palmette, rosace, vine leaves have been known since the ancient times..

The second lecture of the series – "Floral World" of Jewellery" – takes place on 18 April at 15.00.

The lectures are held on the occasion of the International Biennial of Amber Artworks "Alatyr" dedicated in 2019 to the theme BOTANICA. They will be conducted by the art expert, deputy director for research Irina Toropova. The lectures will help artists and designers to prepare for the competition, get inspired with the "floral" theme and learn a lot of new things.