Как сделать Калининград «Янтарной столицей мира»? Круглый стол по теме

6 September 2011
Пресс-служба Музея янтаря

Topics of discussion: relation of artistic quality of amber goods of Kaliningrad producers and market requirements, marketability of Kaliningrad amber industry, problem of staff training.

Why is Gdansk (Poland) able to identify itself as “World amber capital” confirming this name with artistic quality and variety of works? Why doesn’t Kaliningrad region having immense amber reserves and choice possibility of material suit to be the first in the world?

You will be able to listen to opinions of potential customers of amber items, producers, professional art and culture experts.

Teacher of profession oriented educational institutions, experts (art experts, representatives of Designers’ Union), artists, spokespersons of producer companies, marketing specialists, potential customers are invited to the round table. Reason for its holding was international exhibition and competition “Space. Time”, which took place within the Biennial of Amber Artworks “Alatyr 2011”. 198 works of 92 artists from Germany, Denmark, France, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Russia were presented there.

Collective discussion of topical and complicated issues will let to get ahead on the way towards realization of the main question, how to increase marketability of production of Kaliningrad amber companies at the European market.

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