Contest of the Children's and Youth Creativity "Magic Word"

12 February 2020
Press Office of the Amber Museum

Amber has attracted people since the ancient times with its beauty and mysterious properties. Many peoples made myths and legends about it, in Russ "the white-burning stone alatyr" was mentioned in tales, songs and charms, in all times poets inspired by the beauty of this stone, wrote poems about it. Facing the Day of Books, we offer children of 10 to 17 years old to write own pieces about amber.

Stories can be submitted in two categories: "Best Poetry" and "Best Prose". The theme of the contest can be interpreted in different ways: a tale about the origin of the Baltic gem, a fairy-tale of the miraculous stone and its magical properties, which were ascribed to amber for many centuries, narration on the role of amber in the contemporary culture, or a poetic work celebrating the beauty of the sunstone.

We have also established a special category – "Story on Behalf of a Show Piece". Choose a show piece from our museum and imagine, what it would say to guests, if it could talk, what it thinks about, what it could tell about itself. Stories submitted for this category will be considered separately.

You should send your works to the museum until 16 April 2020 to the e-mail with "Contest" in the topic field in .doc format. Winners awarding ceremony will be held in the Amber Museum on 23 April.

Inquiries: 8 (4012) 53-82-19.

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