The Night of Museums was warm and bright

21 May 2013
Press Office of the Amber Museum

The Night of Museums was warm and bright in the Kaliningrad Amber Museum. The hosts presented a programme "Around the World in Six Hours" to their guests.

The event started with a flash mob, members of which lined up in the shape of plane and threw their paper planes. And meanwhile by the curved bridge that is located on the museum's territory, paper ships were sent to the lake. These actions were the beginning of the unforgettable night travel around the world.

The show lasted non-stop until 2 a.m.. In the museum's yard, the flights set off one after another – to Moscow, Cairo, Dublin, Paris, Amsterdam... And on the board of the improvised airliner, there were concert acts dedicated to different countries of the world performed by Kaliningrad creative groups for passengers. There were merchants with Oriental sweets, souvenirs, fragrances and musicians playing ethnic compositions around the museum's fountain. Kaliningrad amber artists featured an improvised exhibition "Amber Coast of Russia" on the basement floor. Only on this night, besides the traditional museum expositions, visitors were able to see a unique exhibition of Polish coins and bank-notes gathered by Kaliningrad collector Leonid Kobyak – "100 years of Polish history in currency notes". It was organized with the support of the Polish Cultural Center in Kaliningrad.

Big interest was aroused with the lottery "Moment of luck" among the visitors, it was organized for guests who bought tickets to the programme "Around the World in Six Hours".

Prizes for winners were provided by the project partners: certificate for a visit of the Museum of History of Railway Transport of the Kaliningrad Branch RRW, certificated for purchase of presents in the designer works shop "Modigliani", discount coupons for taxi from the Kaliningrad Taxi Park, guide-books and book of Kaliningrad authors from the shop "Znanie" (shop chain "Knizhki & Knizhechki"), remote-controlled helicopter from the club of historical reconstruction "Arthur von Lifke",  tours around the Kaliningrad oblast from the travel agencies "Yunona" and "Amber Mosaic", collectors' coins from the series "Cities of East Prussia" from the Kaliningrad Coins and Medals Yard.

Winners of the lottery "Moment of Luck":

Sergei Ranchenko

Svetlana Kotova

Natalia Guseva

Igor Gusev

Alexei Nakapkin


Marina Perevozova

Alexei Belosludzev

Marianna Danilova

Tatiana Borisova

Stanislav Kazakov

Elena Orlova

Olga Lorents

Diana Lee

Sergei Sychyov

Vera Smirnova

Alexander Bogushevich

Vladimir Bestuzhev

Romas Poshka

Tatiana Muravyova

Viktor Adakimchik

Irina Anatolievna

Irina Saneeva

Yulia Suprunova

Alexander Pleganov

Olga Popovich

Ivan Ryabko

Maria Drobnitsa

Pavel Dementiev

Anna Lim

Evgeniy Nozdrachyov

Nadezhda Dolgova

Marina Yarmoshchuk

Tatiana Borisova

Please accept our apologies, if the last names are incorrect – on some lottery coupons they were hard to read.

The Night of Museums was concluded with flashing (in the direct and figurative manner of speaking) fire show performed by the extreme club "Baltic raven".

We express gratitude to the programme participants – Kaliningrad creative groups and organizations:
Fashion and Dance Theater, supervisors Svetlana Orlova and Yuriy Malinovskiy;
Dance group "IRIDAN-Kaliningrad", supervisor Ekaterina Sazonova;
Extreme club "Baltic Raven", supervisor Pavel Krasnoshchokov;
Cultural center "Revelation", leader Denis Linnik;
Dance group "Bernsteinblumen", supervisor Mina Wall;
Club of historical reconstruction "Arthur von Lifke", leader Arthur Lifke.

We thank the project partners:

German-Russian House;
Polish Cultural Center;

Travel agency "Amber Mosaic";
Travel agency "Yunona";
Kaliningrad Coins and Badges Yard;
Kaliningrad Taxi Park;

Cafe "By the Bulls"
Museum of History of Railway Transport of the Kaliningrad Railroad;
Shop chain "Knizhki & Knizhechki"; 
Photo Studio "Helios";
Shop "Modigliani";
Yoga club "Guaranga";
Shop "Magic India".


We express gratitude to the Baltic Marine College, Kaliningrad Art and Industrial College, Kaliningrad Institute of Economics and Technical College of I.Kant BFU for the voluntary support of the programme "Around the World in Six Hours".

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