Winners of the contest "Magic Word"

25 April 2018
Press Office of the Amber Museum

Students of schools of Kaliningrad and Kaliningrad oblast participated in the contest. Winners were chosen in three age groups – junior (10–12 years), middle (13–15 лет) and senior (16–17 лет), as well as in two categories: best poetry and best prose.


Valentina Solovyova, writer, member of the Union of Russian Writers, author of books for children and youth;

Milana Shumakova, document specialist of the Institute of Humanities, member of the panel for checking of works written by participants of the regional stage of the All-Russian Literary Olympiad for school children;

Maya Zabolotnova, specialist for educational work, Amber Museum.

The contest laureates got diplomas and presents and visited the viewing platform of the Dohna Tower.

Winners of the Regional Youth Literary Contest "Magic Word":

Junior group

Best poetry

1st place – Anna Filimonova, School No9, "The Stone – fairy tales, legend, myth"

2nd place – Alina Rakovskaya, Russian Hero Alexandr Moiseev School in Znamensk, Gvardeisk city district, "The Amber Museum"

3rd place – Daria Shchepetilnikova, School No 9, "The Light of Joy"

Best prose

1st place – Anastasia Akulinina, Russian Hero Alexandr Moiseev School in Znamensk, Gvardeisk city district, "Mysterious "stone"

2nd place – Elena Zaitseva, School No 9, "Beam"

3rd place – Grigory Martynenko, School no 9, "Power of the sun"

3rd place – Alyona Yashchuk, School No 9, "Shining stones"

Middle group

Best poetry

1st place – Anastasia Abramova, Main school of Krasny Yar, Gvardeisk city district, "Miraculous stone!"!

2nd place – Anastasia Nikitina, School No 9, "The stone"

3rd place – Maksim Babenko, Russian Hero Alexandr Moiseev School in Znamensk, Gvardeisk city district, "There is a miracle in the world..."

Best prose

1st place – Violetta Shunyaeva, School No 9, "Magic amber"

2nd place – Vera Basova and Anna Zuenok, Lyceum school No 23, "Tale of the Baltic gem's origin"

3rd place – Anastasia Pyatkina, School No 9, "Amber island"

3rd place – Lyudmila Sirotina, School No 9, "Legend of amber"

Senior group

Best prose

1st place – Viktoria Vinskute, School No 9, "The amber stone"

2nd place – Alyona Sadova, School No 9, essay "Amber"

3rd place – Tatiana Makharova, School No 9, "The Island of butterflies"

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