Sun stone treasury – Kaliningrad Amber Museum – presents adornments worthy of imperial persons

29 May 2012
Пресс-служба Музея янтаря

Sun stone treasury - Kaliningrad Amber Museum - presents adornments worthy of imperial persons. High class amber works - jewellery and interior objects - will be shown to visitors of the Regional Exhibition "Adornment for queen" from 31 May to 19 August 2012.

These works made by Kaliningrad masters can satisfy taste of fashion experts and judges of beauty, as well as will cause discussion to the theme – What are the features of the high level amber work.

Since the Ancient times luxurious items were decorated with amber. Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamen had a crown with insert of Gold of North – it was title of amber in ancient time. Amber was used in the decoration of the golden throne of the Scythian king (8 – 7 centuries B.C.).

Even in far China cherry amber adornments were worn by members of imperial family obligatory.

One of “the most beautiful women of Europe” according to Napoleon Bonaparte – Prussian Queen Louise loved sunstone adornments. This detail of her biography gave the name to the exhibition.

Works, in which natural amber is combined with noble materials, will be presented in the Museum.

The first stage of the exhibition will be the competition in three nominations – Author works, Serial Production and Debut. The following diplomas will be handed to the participants – For creation skill, Classic perfection, Brilliance of modernity, Image sophistication. In the opening ceremony nominates will be awarded with special presents from sponsors – amazing things shop “Le Futur”, hotel “Sambia” and “Wedding world “Irina”. Winners will be then recommended for participation in the First All-Russian Jewellery Art Competition, which is held from 15 June 2012 in Kaliningrad Amber Museum.

“The regional competition is held to insert our time in the history of jewellery and carving art as another period of Baltic gem popularity originated due to talent and skill of Kaliningrad artists”, – says director of the Amber Museum – Tatiana Suvorova.

Kaliningrad Amber Museum invites You in the world of beauty illuminated with amber sun light!

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