"Creative Mosaic"

15 March 2019
Press Office of the Amber Museum

The Amber Museum will show the diversity of decorative and applied artwork by students and teachers from Kaliningrad Art and Industrial College.

The works on display were made in different directions: jewellery and stone carving art, wood painting and miniature painting. Among them are caskets and boxes, sets of wooden items painted in traditions of national arts and crafts.

A special place in the exposition is taken by jewellery pieces created by students studying the profession of jeweller, and by their teaching masters. the Authors had a task to combine amber and metal-filled plastic.

As a bright mosaic composed of various elements, the exhibition will present the variety of creative direction and modern view at traditions of decorative and applied art. It will also maybe inspire school children to study arts and crafts.

The exhibition will continue to work until 14 April.

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