The 7th Night of Museums was held at the museum

21 May 2012
Press Office of the Amber Museum

About 3000 people made sure of endlessness of the world. Art-lab "Partisan sapphire" from Partisansky of Kaliningrad region, Youth Theater “ArtMountain”, extreme club "Baltic Raven", smithing yard "Horseshoe", Firework center "Khan" and café "Carousel" helped with it.

This night, the Museum became a Light citadel. At 8 p.m. the Apocalypse came to its gates. Its symbol was a flea-market, where old staff, phones, shoes, as well as various coins and jewellery were sold accompanied by the live music.



In an hour the Evil forces broke into the Light citadel and invaded the front yard. The fight between Light and Darkness was running as a stage show under the guidance of Sun and Moon and as dancing on the barrels accompanied with drum rhythm.



The battle was continued in the inner yard. Angels' and demons' fight for human soul ended up with victory of Light.



The following neon and pyrotechnic shows were cheered by spectators.



Guests of the Museum could choose Light or Dark side (pointers helped with making the right choice).


Forces balance could be traced with Time Beads – everybody could thread white or black bead – vote for Good or Evil.



After a walk through the Twilight zone each guest could get into the Tunnel of Hope, buy amber jewellery or make it for him- or herself using the old tool with help of masters of interactive jewellery workshop "Prussian honey",



take part in thrilling quest,



find out, what should be done before the oncoming end of the world, buy a tour in the fantastic travel bureau,


drink some "vampire blood",



and make a wish sitting on the Throne of Destiny.


By the way, within the Night of Museums 2012, there was a competition announced for the most original and interesting legend dedicated to this "monument".

Organizers of the competition were the Amber Museum and Smithing Yard "Horseshoe" in cooperation with the portal "". Please send your offerings to the e-mail:

In the end at 2 a.m., conclusive triumph of the Light started on the ground in front of the Museum, it was carried out with the fire show.



Kaliningrad Amber Museum expresses appreciation and gratitude to all groups that participated in the Night of Museums 2012.

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