"Amber – not as usual"

22 February 2019
Press Office of the Amber Museum

On 22 February a solo exhibition of art photography by Igor Sosedko "Amber – not as usual" is opening in the Amber Museum. Thanks to the special author's techniques the Baltic gem will appear as an independent art object.

The miraculous sun stone has been known by people for many thousands of years. Beauty of amber, its transparency, lightness and amazing warmth have always been a source of inspiration for craftsmen, artists, photographers. There is an own secret, own plot, own melody in every piece of the gem. Under the orange grainy crust it can be white., creamy, honey colours. In order amber to tell its mystery, it should get in hands of a person having intuition, creative imagination and needed knowledge in work with the light.

According to Igor Sosedko "today amber deserves an independent art of photography – with no limits and no prejudice", as in his view, no other field of amber "business" is as conservative as photography. The project "Amber – not as usual" is an effort of the author to show the natural beauty of the stone that is often unseen by the human eye.

Igor Sosedko is a photographer working not only in Kaliningrad oblast, his pictures are also used in advertising companies in 46 other countries. His specialisation is object shooting. For the recent three years Igor Sosedko has been working as a photographer in the Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum.

Guests of the new exhibition will see photographs of natural pieces and amber artworks. The author of the exhibition also promises an interesting presentation of the material in the exposition.

Welcome to the exhibition until 17 March.

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