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18 October 2018
Press Office of the Amber Museum

The lecture by the deputy director for research of the Amber Museum, art expert, candidate of pedagogical sciences Irina Toropova dedicated to the Jewel Book of Duchess Anna of Bavaria takes place in the Amber Museum on 18 October.

It is a manuscript commissioned by the Duke Albert V of Bavaria and his spouse Anna of Bavaria in 1555. The book is a catalogue of jewellery . The illustrations are made by the German artist Hans Mielich (1516–1573).The jewellery pieces someday belonged to the Duke and his wife Duchess Anna (daughter of the Emperor Ferdinand I). The book includes 108 miniatures (full-page), which are illustrative of 71 jewels. As for today, the jewels have been lost.

The manuscript is kept in Bavarian State Library.

Photographs of pages from this manuscript and ones of the paintings by artists from the 16th century will be demonstrated at the lecture. Along with the portrait feature of the models jewellery found its visualisation in works of this period known as Northern Renaissance.

Therefore our lecture is an opportunity to get acquainted with the jewellery fashion of the 16th century, historical personalities from this period and works by the artists from Western Europe.

The lecture begins at 18.30.

Ticket price:
for adults – 200 rub.
for students – 100 rub.

Inquiries: 53-82-19.

The event is available for people with limited health abilities.

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