Biennial “Alatyr 2019”

18 June 2019
Press Office of the Amber Museum

Artists from 10 countries are presenting their works at the competition exhibition “BOTANICAL”, that is opening within the International Biennial of Amber Artworks “Alatyr 2019”. On 28 June, during the opening ceremony winners of the competition will be announced.

In 2019 the Amber Museum declared botany as theme of the biennial – artists could show in their works  the variety of flora on our planet, or use different vegetative motives existing in the world art and national artistic traditions.

Main categories, in each of which a winner will be chosen, are: “Skills”, “Creation of an artistic image”, “Innovation”, as well as three special categories – “Floreale motives in the world artistic tradition”, “Theatre” on the occasion of the Year of Theatre in Russia, “Artworks made of copal and amber imitations”. Every artist could submit for the competition not more than three artworks, in which amber must be the main material and the main artistic and expressive means.

It was permitted to use not only natural, but also pressed Baltic amber, and ambers of other origins (for instance, romenite, Dominican amber, etc) in combination with precious and semi-precious stones, metal, ivory, wood, and other materials.

For the first time this year artworks made of copal and amber imitations (for instance, polymer resins) were accepted for the competition. However they were accepted only in the special category.

As a result of work of the international jury, around 150 works by artists from China, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, and Russia were selected for the exhibition “BOTANICA”. Until 9 September guests of the Amber Museum will be able to see them.

The Biennial “Alatyr” is a Programme project of the Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum. It aims to mutually enrich cultures,improve the professional skills of young artists and students of the educational institutions, their comprehension of tradition of the mational and foreign jewellery and stone-carving art, enrichment of the Kaliningrad art-scene be means of the possibility to see artworks by artists from other countries in real time.

Programme of the Biennial includes: the competition and exhibition “BOTANICAL” as result of the competition (26 June – 9 September); the educational programme for students of the artistic educational institutions of the Kaliningrad oblast (25–27 June); the conference “Vocational Training of jewelers in educational systems of different countries”, and the public lectures by Valentin Skurlov, Bianca Cappello and Regina Makauskienė(27 June); publication of the catalogue of the artworks from competition and proceedings of the conference in two languages. 

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