"Spiritual Light of Amber"

19 October 2018
Press Office of the Amber Museum

Since the moment the convent was established, blessed by the Mother Superior Elisabeth, its craftswomen have been painting icons. Images of the saints are covered with amber of various colours and texture, therefore the images become volumetric. To the singing of prayers, the icons are decorated with pearl beads, gold and silver threads, settings are embroidered with gems.

"Lined on the plated gold amber holy images become alive under the lights of icon lamps and candles. One can touch wings of the Guarding Angel and feel their softness, halos of the Saints and the Holy Mother of God are shining in the sun. Saint Nicholas, it seems, has just a while ago closed the book in amber setting which he holds his hands", – they tell about their works in the convent.

Pictorial amber icons are not only works of art, but blessed sacred items and a real trademark of the orthodox Amber Land.

For the first time a part of the convent collection will be exhibited in the Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum until 11 November.

The Saint Elisabeth Convent was founded to honour Holy Martyr Grand Duchess Elisabeth Romanova.

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