Lectures within the Week of Russian Science

6 February 2019
Press Office of the Amber Museum

On 6, 7 and 9 February research associates of the Amber Museum are conducting lectures arranged for the Day of Russian Science 2019.

The scientists and researchers will present for the widest audience speeches to the "amber" topics: study history, archaeology, palaeontology and special chemical characteristics of the sun stone. Amber experts, artists, masters and students of artistic specialists are invited.

On 6 February at 16.00 Zoya Kostiashova, the leading research associate of the Amber Museum, member of the World Amber Council and the International Amber Association (Gdansk, Poland) will deliver a popular scientific lecture  "Amber and amber-like resins" in the museum. AT 18.00, at the second lecture she will tell about imitations and falsification of amber.

The whole day long specialists of the museum will also conduct quest sessions for the organised groups of school children. In the playing form they will get familiar with the exposition of the Russia's only Amber Museum.

On 7 February at 12.00 there will be a lecture "Taphonomy of Baltic amber flora" in the Institute of Nature Management, Urban Development and Spatial Planning of the I.Kant BFU (Zoologicheskaia 2). It will be delivered by Anna Smirnova, head of the Scientific and Expositional Department of the Amber Museum.

On 9 February there will be one more lecture in the Amber Museum. At 11.00 Leonid Efremov, senior research associate of the Amber Museum, Ph.D in History and Konstantin Skvortsov, research associate of the Amber Museum will make a speech "Amber as one of the catalysts of emergence and development of the Sambian-Natangian culture of the 1st – 6th centuries AD using the examples of the archaeological artefacts"​.