Minister of Labor and Social Protection of the Russian Federation in the Amber Museum

16 December 2015
Press Office of the Amber Museum

Minister of Labor and Social Protection of the Russian Federation Maksim Topilin visited the Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum on 15 December. The guest was accompanied by the Minister of Social Policy of the Kaliningrad region Angelika Maister, first deputy of the Minister of Culture of the Kaliningrad region Elena Koshemchuk, members of the Russian and regional administrations. The excursion was conducted by the deputy director Natalia Shevchuk.

The primary focus was on the special equipment for people with disabilities set in 2014. These are elevating platform to the first store, inductive systems for acoustically challenged people. The project was financed from the federal budget within the programme "Accessibility" and from the regional budget within the programme "Development of Culture in 2014".

During the excursion, Natalia Shevchuk emphasized that it was the first time in the Kaliningrad region, when such project was realized in the historical building, where major rebuildings and recostructions are almost not possible. The elevating platform was constructed considering technical abilities of the museum and set in the central stair well. Up to then guests with musculoskeletal disorders couldn't visit the permanent exposition of the first store telling about amber origin, its properties, ways of its processing, about works of the legendary Amber Room recreation, as well as presenting unique gem samples, works of the 17–20th centuries including ones made in the Konigsberg State Amber Manufactory and in the Kaliningrad Amber Combine.

In 2015 wheelchair ramps were constructed and a stair climber was bought that allows people with disabilities visit the ground flour with expositions. Representatives of the Kaliningrad regional public organization "Ark" told the minister, how comfortable and convenient for them it got in the Amber Museum.

Then Maksim Topilin and other guests visited museum's expositions. Natalia Shevchuk told about the international and all-Russian projects of the Amber Museum and about educational programs fro students and young artists organized within these projects.

At the conclusion of the visit Minister of Labor and Social Protection Maksim Topilin left a record in the "Book of Guests of Honor":
"Dear friends!
Unique Amber Museum. It is very important that you are supporting the school of this art. I would like to express special gratitude for such regardful attitude to people with disabilities. Thank you".