Amber Museum at the Forum of Amber Industry

21 June 2019
Press Office of the Amber Museum

On 20 June the International Economic Forum of Amber Industry was opened in Svetlogorsk.

Exhibition stand of the Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum was visited by the Vice-Minister for Russian Industry and Trade Alexei Besprozvannykh, Chairperson of the Kaliningrad Regional Duma Marina Orgeeva, Deputy Chair of the Government of Kaliningrad region Natalia Ishchenko, Director General of the AO "Kaliningrad Amber Combine" Mikhail Zatsepin, and other honorary guests and members of the forum.

The Amber Museum made an exhibition in accordance with the main theme of the Amberforum–2019 – digitalisation of amber industry. In the show cases there were rare inclusions of arachnids and insects, imprints of a palm leaf on amber, fragments of a fossilised tree. Some samples had QR-codes, due to which museum specialists showed, how an AR-application "Museum of Amber" works. After it is installed, pointing camera of your smartphone at a showpiece, you can listen to a short tour and see, for instance, the process of resin flowing out of the tree in 3D. The museum also presented a new equipment for demonstration of amber inclusions – binocular.

According to our estimates, during the first day of forum members of the Amber Museum's team conducted 40 guided tours of the featured interactive exhibition.

Another highlight of the Amberforum–2019 was an exhibition of art photography "Amber – not as usual" in the Variety Theatre "Amber-Hall". Author of the works is photograph from the Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum Igor Sosedko.