Opening of the exhibition "A Teacher and Students"

24 September 2018
Press Office of the Amber Museum

From 21 September to 28 October the Amber Museum presents jewellery by Felix Kuznetsov, Vladislav Glynin, and students of the Moscow State S.G.Stroganov Academy of Industrial Art. Today the academy is considered to be forge of best designers in the country. Its graduates are hunted for by famous designer agencies of Russia and the world. The exhibition in the Amber Museum is an important event for Kaliningrad jewellery and designer societies. It is an opportunity for students and young artists to get acquainted with the artistry of the renowned masters and get inspired.

Guests of the ceremony were: the artist, jeweller, member of the Creative Union of Russian Artists, Moscow Union of Artists, praesidium of an international conference and senior lecturer at the Art Metal Department Vladislav Glynin; head of the Art Metal Department, artists, designer, member of the Union of Russian Designers, Moscow Union of Artists, Creative Union of Russian Artists, Association of Russian Landscape Architects Maria Kruglova; and a student of the Art Metal Department at the Academy of Industrial Art, co-curator of the exhibition Irina Borzova.

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