Project "Sun in the Palms"

22 January 2019
Press Office of the Amber Museum

On 22 and 24 January blind and visually impaired for the first time will be able to "see" showpieces of the Amber Museum thank to the book "Sun in the Palms".

The book published by the Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum in December 2018 tells about the origin, extraction and processing of the sun stone, it includes 26 pages – relief illustrations, photographs, plain text, as well as comments made in Braille script.

Members of the museum team will conduct workshops for blind and visually impaired children on 22 and 24 January in the Residential school in Sportivnaya Str., 11. The volumetric images will allow them to feel, what natural amber is like to the touch, to understand, what inclusions are, and how the unique amber artworks look like.

The Amber Museum published 5 exemplars of the book in cooperation with the Novosibirsk Regional Specialised Library for Blind and Visually Impaired Persons. The project "Sun in the Palms" has been realised based on the grant in the form of a subsidy for non-profit organisations following results of the annual competition of creative projects and initiatives having noncommercial innovative character, organised by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in Kaliningrad oblast. Thanks to the project visually impaired and blind children of the region will be able to gain knowledge of Baltic amber and get acquainted with the past of our planet.

Use of the relief and graphic literature is a world trend. In combination with special assistive and technical means multi-format book make education and cultural values more accessible for tens of thousands of children with disabilities of visual perception.