"The Shine of Beads"

4 April 2019
Press Office of the Amber Museum

From 4 April there will be an exhibition "The Shine of Beads" in the Amber Museum. Adornments and accessories from beads made by Kaliningrad master Viktoria Bobrova will be shown in the exposition.

Known from the ancient times, the craft of bead weaving has been booming in popularity since the mid-20th century.Improved technologies and materials for making small beads appeared. As a result, the handiwork using beads spread to many countries of the world. Traditionally they were used to decorate clothes, accessories, also for jewellery making.

The Kaliningrad master got enthusiastic about bead weaving around 12 years ago.Since 2009 she has been participating in regional and international contests dedicated to the preservation and development of methods of work with beads. The artist makes a sketch and realises it in a complete work..

the first creative award she received in 2009 becoming a diploma winner in the category "Embroidered Adornments" at the I International Specialised Contest exhibition "Modern Interpretation of beads" that took place in Kaliningrad. In 2015 Viktoria Bobrova made workshops within the exhibition "Women Jewellery – Beauty of the World" from the collection of Russian Museum of Ethnography, in 2018 she participated in the Eighth Regional Biennial of Amber Artworks organised by the Amber Museum.

Until 12 May in the exhibition there are works showing development of the master's individual manner in working with beads by Viktoria Bobrova for the five recent years.

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