Presentation of the proceedings of the conference "Collection in the Space of Culture"

3 June 2019
Press Office of the Amber Museum

On 28 May 2019 the Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum presented a new book – proceedings of the International Conference "Collection in the Space of Culture".  Guests from museums, libraries of the city, members of the editorial team of the book, authors, and reviewers participated in the presentation.

The night was opened by a musical number – fantasia for solo violin No 1 in B-flat major by Georg Philipp Telemann was played by a third-year student from the Stringed Instruments Department of the P.I.Chaikovsky School of Arts, laureate of regional, all-Russian, and international contests Daniil Chaplygin.

Chair of the editorial team of the book, Director of the Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum, Honoured Employee of Culture of the Russian Federation Tatiana Suvorova addressed her welcoming speech to the audience. She thanked all participants of the project and mentioned that the conference, based on results of which the proceedings were made, not only became the event in the museum and cultural life of the region, but also contributed to analysis of the collecting system in the Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum.

Curator of the project, Editor-in-chief of the proceedings "Collection in the Space of Culture", Chief Research Associate at the museum Irina Polyakova told about how they worked on the book.

Reviewers of the book – Alexei Khitrov, Doctor of historical sciences, professor, chair of the History Department, Humanities Faculty, Kaliningrad State Technical University, and Pavel Fokin, Dr., head of the department "F.M.Dostoievsky Apartment Museum", V.I.Dal State Museum of History of Russian Literature (State Museum of Literature), – noted both the high level of the content, and of the book design.

From the speech by A.A.Khitrov: "What articles of the proceedings have in common is an exceptionally high professional level, but only this. At first glance the conference proceedings look like a many-coloured mosaic. However upon a closer view this mosaic aligns into a whole coherent picture of the social, cultural, and educational space, where collecting and collections play a binding, systematically important role".

From the speech by P.E.Fokin: "I am absolutely sure that this book is for general reader, not only for the academic society. It is well written and edited. This book is significant for the region. It deserves to be more than a Kaliningrad book. This is a great work, and great joy, and a great victory".

In course of the discussion following persons spoke: Svetlana Sivkova, author and member of the project, Director general of the Museum of the World Ocean, Honoured Employee of Culture of the Russian Federation; Zoia Kostiashova, author and member of the project, Leading Research Associate at the Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum, Honoured Employee of Culture; Liudmila Panfilova, teacher at the Kaliningrad lyceum school No 49, Honoured Teacher of the Russian Federation; Lada Syrovatko, author and literary editor of the proceedings, Dr., teacher at the Kaliningrad lyceum school No 49; Vadim Sivkov, Director of the Atlantic Branch of the Shirshov Institute of Oceanology RAS, partner in organisation of the conference. The speakers spoke with one voice about significance of the new book for the cultural life of the city and the region.

From the speech by S.G.Sivkova: "I am sure that there is no such book in Russia. The fact that we received such a work is a great event".

As an important part of the night the first copies of the proceedings were presented to the authors, reviewers, project partners, and participants of the presentation.