"The Night of Russian Romantic Songs"

12 October 2018
Press Office of the Amber Museum

On 12 October we are inviting you to the Night of Russian Romantic Songs in the Amber Museum. The duet "A Step to Meet" is performing, the prize winner of the 14th All-Russian Volga Festival and Contest "The Autumn Voice of Romantic Songs", who will play old and modern romantic songs.

Some time ago widely spread and later forgotten genre is experiencing a resurgence now.Touching, sometimes naive, old romantic songs had beautiful and liquid melodies, were easy to recall. Due to sophistication of their forms and poetic content they have always found their admirers. We can also relate to the sincerity, simplicity and geniality typical of the common romantic songs today. Some masterpieces, that have lost names of their authors, are still loved by listeners. Equally with the old compositions exist modern Russian romantic songs. With the same intensity it touches feelings of the contemporaries, moving strings of people's souls.

At the concert the audience will dive into the wonderful world of music and enjoy elegance of the poetry. The vocal duet "A Step to Meet" was created by the Kaliningrad professional musicians Tatiana Slobodskikh (vocal, guitar) and Elena Uriupina (flute).

The programme starts at 19.00.

Ticket price – 300 rubles.

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