Exhibition "A Teacher and Students"

21 September 2018
Press Office of the Amber Museum

Russian jewellers, teachers of Moscow State S.G.Stroganov Academy of Industrial and Applied Arts Feliks Kuznetsov and Vladislav Glynin, as well as their students will bring a collection of their works to Kaliningrad for the first time. There will be adornments made of various metals with precious, semi-precious stones including amber in the exposition.

Stroganov Academy, or Strogonovka, as it is called, celebrated its 190th anniversary in 2015. It is one of the oldest in Russia artistic educational institutions in the field of industrial, monumental and decorative, applied arts and interior design. Currently the academy is considered to be a forge of the best designers in the country. Russian and world famous design agencies are after its graduates. 

The Stroganov School was established by count Sergei Stroganov at the time, when the traditional artistic craftwork underwent a crisis under conditions of intensive development of industrial production.

In the 1960s it became the leading one among other similar educational institutions of the country due to the progressive teaching methodology and programmes of specialists training. Then new faculties appeared – the faculty of industrial art, interior and equipment, monumental, decorative and applied arts. In the same time the prominent contemporary artist Felix Kuznetsov starts teaching there, he created a new direction in jewellery — plastic constructivism. In 2009 the school received its current name – Moscow State S.G.Sroganov Academy of Industrial Art. Since 2014 a new stage emerged in the development of the art metal department and its jewellery direction at the faculty of monumental, decorative and applied arts – the graduates of Stroganov MSAIA Maria Kruglova and the famous Russian jeweller Vladislav Glynin were invited to teach there. In 2016 based on this department the Higher School of Jewellery was established, with which well-known jewellers of Russia cooperate.

Stroganovka's graduates annually take part in prestigious contests of jewellery design, as well as present their works on Russian and international stages.

Organising the exhibition in Kaliningrad – one of the centres of stone-carving and jewellery art, the Amber Museum gives young artists the opportunity to draw new ideas in the field of design and get acquainted with the artistry of the renowned masters.

The exhibition "A Teacher and Students" is opening on 21 September and will work until 28 October.

Felix Kuznetsov – a corresponding member of Russian Academy of Arts, senior lecturer at the Art Metal Department, jeweller and designer. Owner of the silver medal RAA, grand prix of the Maltese Art Biennial. His works are in many museums and private collections of the world.

Vladislav Glynin – a member of Moscow Union of Artists, member of the Creative Union of Russian Artists, laureate and participant of numerous Russian exhibitions. His works are in museum and private collections in Russia and abroad. Lives and works in Moscow and Florence.

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