Exhibition "Inspired by Amber"

16 February 2018
Press Office of the Amber Museum

On 16 February a new exhibition "Inspired by Amber" is opening in the Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum. It is dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the decorative and applied arts section of the Kaliningrad branch of the Creative Union of Russian Artists.

This association was established in 1998, as for today it includes around 70 persons: painters, sculptors, designers, jewellers, masters of decorative and applied arts; the section of jewellery and stone-carving art – around 40 artists. Among them there are such famous masters as Konstantin Bushmelyov, Lyudmila Visotskaya, Lana Yegorova, Pavel Ivanov, Lyudmila Igumnova, Nikolai Kotov, Vladimir Kunin, Vadim Lopatkin, Yuriy Lopatkin, Igor Nesterenko, Evgeniy Parkhomenko, Lev Romanenko, Elena Sapozhnikova, Nikolai Sinkevich, Alexandr Sumerkin, Galina Syromyatnikova, Vladimir Teplyashin, Elena Tikhomirova, Elena Tsvolko and Alexandr Yuritsyn.

The artists will present their jewellery and interior objects with Baltic amber. The exhibition demonstrates the local traits and individual approaches in the art of the sunstone working.

Such presentations of the modern amber art have priority for the Amber Museum. Annually the cultural institution conducts solo exhibitions of Kaliningrad amber artists, as well as presents their works at the International Contest Exhibition "Alatyr" and at the Regional Biennial of Amber Artworks. Jewellers and stone-carvers, who are members of the Kaliningrad branch of the Creative Union of Russian Artists, always take part in these projects.

The exhibition "Inspired by Amber" will be shown until 11 March.

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