Acquaintance with museum showpieces

22 April 2019
Press Office of the Amber Museum

Within the social project "Sun in the palms" members of Kaliningrad Regional Amber Museum's team visited Kaliningrad children care centre No 113, which also has visually impaired students. From the beginning of 2019 the specialists have conducted a series of educational and playing sessions based on the books published with due regard for the health specific features of these children.

On 18 April around ten children gathered to get acquainted with amber, each of them could flip through the tactile book, touch relief images of the museum showpieces, and read annotations made with Braille letters. Then there was the educational and playing session "Here is our museum" that included a workshop in making an amber talisman. Every child made a gift with his or her own hands.

The project "Sun in the Palms" was realised based on the grant in the form of a subsidy for non-profit organisations following results of the annual competition of creative projects and initiatives having noncommercial innovative character, organised by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in Kaliningrad oblast.

Within the project for blind and visually impaired children five multiformat books including pages with relief illustrations of the key showpieces from the collection of Kaliningrad  Regional Amber Museum complemented with plain text inscriptions and duplicated with Braille letters, as well as amber samples of various stage of working (polished amber, raw amber).