Events for people of the retirement age

Last Wednesday of every month is the day of reduced-price admission to the museum for people of the retirement age. On this day members of the museum team conduct interactive programmes for elderly people – workshops, quizzes, themed guided tours, intellectual games. The programme resonates with the people of the elder age. Those who earlier took active part in various fields of the social activities, with time start to feel as if they were excluded from the public life. Both themed interactive programmes, and creative ones are all-purpose leisure activities, which contribute to self-expression, reduction of social isolation, and give opportunity for active communication and gaining new knowledge and skills.

Interactive exploratory itineraries through the museum exposition and playing forms involve participants in the educational process and discussion of possible solutions for the coming tasks, which redounds the memory training, intellectual activity and, of course, companionship.

At the workshops and creative sessions, while making simple souvenirs, guests gain new skills that allow them, we hope, to vary their evening time, to get a new hobby or simply to create amazing gifts bringing joy to their relatives and friends.

The events are held every last Wednesday of the month.

Reduced-price ticket for the programme and all exhibitions in the museum – 20 rub. (after showing the retirement ID).

*The works created at the workshops participants take home to remember this visit to the Amber Museum.


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